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House of WaterAs global water professionals, we know that raising money to solve water challenges is much easier when people see for themselves that water management and sustainable water solutions add value in more than one sense.This is why we welcome you in our HOUSE OF WATER.
As a floating island this virtual exhibition is designed to inspire cities and nations to invest in their blue structures.

HOUSE OF WATER is just next to the Little Mermaid in the harbour of the capital of Denmark. Today the water in Copenhagen is so clean that people enjoy taking a swim. This is a privilege that only few major port cities in the world share so far. Copenhagen is thus an example of how tapping into the blue resources and becoming a sustainable element of the water cycle creates a liveable city on so many levels.

Download the HOUSE OF WATER app yourselves. It is heavy stuff, but worth waiting for, just make sure you are on a fast internet connection.



In this talk at TEDxCopenhagen founder and partner in the Danish architecture firm, TREDJE NATUR, Flemming Rafn Thomsen introduce some of their projects including HOUSE OF WATER. He talks about a new vision for urban living in a time with drastic climate changes. This is both a blessing and a wake-up call as climate changes are mobilizing an understanding that our lifestyle is resulting in uncorrectable damage to our environment.


In a talk in 2013 at Rebuild21 in Copenhagen Herbert Dreiseitl, Urban Architect, also speaks about Urban Hydrology, Water Design and Landscape Architecture. Herbert Dreiseitl is an internationally renowned, sculptor, artist and interdisciplinary planner known for his ground-breaking contemporary designs in urban hydrology, water design, stormwater management, urban planning, water-sensitive urban design and landscape architecture.

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