Rethink Water is a network of over 60 companies, organisations and institutions, specialising in water efficiency. The network brings together an unusually diverse and valuable mix of consulting companies, technology suppliers, clients, researchers and governmental bodies­, who have joined forces to share knowledge and through this collaboration create stronger solutions for water security and increased water efficiency.

Denmark knows about water efficiency, because successive governments have addressed our country’s limited natural resources, concentrating on using them efficiently. The water in the harbour of our capital, Copenhagen, is so clean that people swim in it, and our tap water as pure as spring water. As a country, Denmark sees great opportunity for mutual benefit in the transfer of knowledge and the growth in both partners’ business. The expertise of the Rethink Water Network is in helping customers and stakeholders reach safe and effective water solutions, while developing their ability to profit from that knowledge in turn. We do our work while maintaining a healthy respect for different perspectives and agendas, as well as for the environment.

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